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Class 11 History Objective Question In English
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Chapter- 10

Displacing Indigenous Peoples

Class 11 History Chapter 10 Displacing Indigenous Peoples Objective Questions in English. These Objective Questions are helpful for the students who are in class 11 and have History. Attempt These Objective Questions to Check your knowledge and the status of your preparation. These Objective Questions are also helpful for the preparation of 1 Mark Questions

Board CBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 11
Subject History
Chapter no. Chapter 10
Chapter Name  Displacing Indigenous Peoples
Category Class 11 History Objective Questions in English
Medium English
Class 11 History Displacing Indigenous Peoples Objective Question in English

Displacing Indigenous Peoples

Objective Questions in English

  1. When did the French Canadian Rebellion take place?
    1. 1838
    2. 1839
    3. 1840
    4. 1837
  2. When did America’s revolution come in a different way than in England?
    1. Infrastructural development and manufacture of agricultural equipment
    2. Here the estate was established
    3. People organised in grids and sold artefacts
    4. He snatched the land from the natives and expelled them.
  3. The subject of Anthropology was introduced in North America from _______
    1. 1820
    2. 1830
    3. 1850
    4. 1840
  4. The Europeans wanted to cut down the native forests and replace them
    1. Corn field 
    2. sugarcane field
    3. rice fields
    4. cotton field
  5. What does terra nullius mean?
    1. native land
    2. land belonging to the state
    3. land of immigrants
    4. nobody’s land
  6. Many natives became citizens of the United States of America but on the condition that
    1. They will be given the right of citizenship
    2. They will be treated like Europeans
    3. Their traditions will not be interfered and reservation will be maintained
    4. They will be provided administrative jobs.
  7. The Native American tribe forcibly evicted by US President Andrew Jackson was _______.
    1. Hopis
    2. Ottawa
    3. Cherokee
    4. Metis
  8. The year in which Amerigo de Vespucci’s Travels was published——
    1. 1508
    2. 1507
    3. 1509
    4. 1510
  9. When did Britain recognize the United States as an independent country?
    1. 1782
    2. 1783
    3. 1784
    4. 1781
  10. How did Gold Mish end?
    1. Many wars between natives and Europeans
    2. Many problems for people of nature
    3. Construction of railway lines, recruitment of Chinese workers
    4. The mere mirage of finding gold mines in California.
  11. Karl Marx describes the American frontier in his book as the ultimate positive capitalist utopia——
    1. Das Kapital
    2. Communist Manifesto
    3. Grundrisse
    4. German ideology
  12. The natives of North America had accepted the citizenship of USA in 1954 AD by———
    1. British Declaration of Rights
    2. Indian Declaration of Rights
    3. United States Declaration of Rights
    4. America’s Declaration of Rights
  13. In Canada, the Metis revolted against the colonisation of their land between———
    1. 1869 and 1885
    2. 1870 and 1885
    3. 1871 and 1885
    4. 1872 and 1885
  14. Who paid cheap labour in Australia?
    1. african slaves
    2. australian aboriginal
    3. Indian labourer
    4. Chinese immigrant
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