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Class 11 History Objective Question In English
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Chapter- 7

Changing Cultural Traditions

Class 11 History Chapter 7 Changing Cultural Traditions Objective Questions in English. These Objective Questions are helpful for the students who are in class 11 and have History. Attempt These Objective Questions to Check your knowledge and the status of your preparation. These Objective Questions are also helpful for the preparation of 1 Mark Questions

Board CBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 11
Subject History
Chapter no. Chapter 7
Chapter Name  Changing Cultural Traditions
Category Class 11 History Objective Questions in English
Medium English
Class 11 History Changing Cultural Traditions Objective Question in English

Changing Cultural Traditions

Objective Questions in English

  1. Who is the author of the book ‘The Prince’ ?
    1. Lorenzo Valla
    2. Gutenberg
    3. Machiavelli
    4. Alberti
  2. In which country were the oldest universities of the European continent established?
    1. France
    2. Japan
    3. Italy
    4. England
  3. In the 15th century, Which families gave more importance to women?
    1. elite
    2. artist
    3. merchants
    4. scholar
  4. Renaissance is best known for its
    1. social development
    2. political developments
    3. Economic Development
    4. cultural development
  5. Who introduced the Gregorian calendar?
    1. Gregory XIII
    2. everistus
    3. peter stow
    4. Payas I
  6. The opening of trade between Europe and China began in……..
    1. 9th century
    2. 10th century
    3. 11th century
    4. 12th century
  7. When did the renaissance take place in Europe?
    1. 15th century.
    2. 11th century.
    3. 13th century.
    4. 16th century.
  8. Ptolemy had a work on Almagest__.
    1. Mathematics
    2. astronomy
    3. philosophy
    4. Sociology
  9. Andreas Vesalius was a professor at ………. the University of Padua
    1. medicine
    2. astronomy
    3. philosophy
    4. Mathematics
  10. Erasmus was a Christian humanist from…………
    1. Africa
    2. Asia
    3. England.
    4. Holland
  11. Protestants reformers was a
    1. Document opposing church practices
    2. Movement Against the Catholic Church by Martin Luther, a Monk
    3. Rebellion
    4. Peasant movement opposing over-taxation.
  12. Copernicus was afraid to print his manuscript because……….
    1. He wanted to avoid its bitter blows in his personal life.
    2. it was not good for mankind
    3. it was a manifestation of the fallacy of the church
    4. This will threaten their image in the society.
  13. Petrarch was awarded the title of ‘Poet Laureate’ in Rome in…………
    1. 1342
    2. 1343
    3. 1344
    4. 1341
  14. Who made The painting ‘Monalisa’? 
    1. Michelangelo
    2. Leonardo da Vinci
    3. Raphael
    4. Donatello
  15. Who was known as ‘Aflatoon’ in Arabic?
    1. Aristotle
    2. Dante
    3. Plato
    4. Caesar
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