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Class 11 History Objective Question In English
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Chapter- 8

Confrontation of Cultures

Class 11 History Chapter 8 Confrontation of Cultures Objective Questions in English. These Objective Questions are helpful for the students who are in class 11 and have History. Attempt These Objective Questions to Check your knowledge and the status of your preparation. These Objective Questions are also helpful for the preparation of 1 Mark Questions

Board CBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 11
Subject History
Chapter no. Chapter 8
Chapter Name  Confrontation of Cultures
Category Class 11 History Objective Questions in English
Medium English
Class 11 History Confrontation of Cultures Objective Question in English

Confrontation of Cultures

Objective Questions in English

  1. When Christopher Columbus Arrived on the Cubanascan Islands, He Misunderstood Which country?
    1. Andaman
    2. Australia
    3. Malaysia
    4. Japan
  2. Who discovered Brazil ?
    1. columbus
    2. Vasco da Gama
    3. Cortes.
    4. Pedro Alvares Cabrala
  3. When Christopher Columbus arrived on the islands of the Cubanascans, he misunderstood…………
    1. Japan
    2. Andaman
    3. Australia
    4. Malaysia
  4. Inca civilization destroyed by……
    1. German
    2. British
    3. Spanish
    4. French
  5. In 1571, Who conquered the Philippines?
    1. Portugal.
    2. Holland.
    3. England.
    4. Spain.
  6. The Portuguese would have thought of importing slaves from Africa because————–
    1. The local natives had abandoned their home and hearth
    2. Slaves were sold openly in Africa
    3. Sugar mills were being set up in Brazil
    4. Slaves could further be exported to Portugal.
  7. The expedition of Columbus, approved by the Spanish authorities, When it departs from the port of Palos?
    1. 3 January 1942.
    2. 3 February 1942
    3. 3 August 1492
    4. 3 March 1942.
  8. What was the first formal Portuguese capital in South America?
    1. Bahia/Salvador
    2. Salvador
    3. Cuba
    4. Bahamas
  9. Those who believe that non-living things can have life or soul are called………
    1. agnostic.
    2. Anthropologist.
    3. Atheist.
    4. Animist.
  10. Cortés could destroy the Aztec empire because of….
    1. Was an expert army commander.
    2. He was clever, manipulative and deceitful.
    3. He got help from Totonac.
    4. He was supported by artillery.
  11. In 1519, the group Which was trying to secede from the Aztec rule of king Montezuma was———–
    1. Totonacs.
    2. Castillo.
    3. Malinchista.
    4. Tlaxcalans.
  12. When was the magnetic compass used in exploration known?
    1. 1377
    2. 1378
    3. 1379
    4. 1380
  13. Who built the artificial island ‘Chinampas’ in Lake Mexico?
    1. Cuauhtemoc
    2. Tupinambas
    3. Agonist
    4. Aztec
  14. Columbus was able to discover the new world because——–
    1. He had received training from a college
    2. he was employed in a shipbuilding workshop
    3. He was raised on the coast and from a poor family
    4. He properly used the compass and other instruments invented by that time.
  15. Which civilization was politically less powerful than the Aztecs in Mexico?
    1. Arawaks
    2. Inca
    3. Mayas
    4. Caribs
  16. The ruler who ascended the throne after the civil war was———
    1. Atahualpa 
    2. cote mok
    3. moctezuma
    4. Manci capac
  17. Who made roads through the mountains from Ecuador to Chile.
    1. German
    2. Spell
    3. Aztec
    4. Incas
  18. When Aztecs got power, they destroyed the power of———–
    1. montezuma
    2. Incas
    3. Spell
    4. toltez
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